Superenalotto Record Jackpot

In 2010 a Single Ticket Won The Record Jackpot Sum of €178 Million!

The SuperEnalotto raffle from Italy is a national 'millionaire-maker' lottery game from Italy. 

The first draw was in 1997, and people from all around the world who love lottery games know about the Superenalotto and one of the reasons that everyone loves the game so much is the fact that there is no maximum jackpot, the game can rollover and rollover until it is won. 

This means that the SuperEnaLotto jackpot prize in many cases can grow and grow to enormous prizes and this fact has resulted in some of the biggest record lottery jackpots prizes in the world. 

On the 30th of October 2010, after almost 40 weeks of consecutive roll-overs, the SuperEnalotto jackpot prize grew to a huge sum of 177,800,000 Euros. 

This record Superenalotto jackpot prize has been won by a single ticket belonging to a couple from Tuscany. 

The huge jackpot win of almost €178 million made them one of the most wealthy couples in Italy - overnight. 

Once the couple recieved their winnings, they overnight became one of the wealthiest people in Italy, making it to the top %0.1 in wealth in the country and region. they are now even richer than most celebrities in Italy and around the world. 

After the suprising win, the couple bought a huge villa that was once owned by a former celebrity in Italy..

The villa, being worth almost 30 million Euros, was packed full of things that only the most wealthy can afford. 

The husband has been rumored to have even payed for corporate seats at the Italy football Juventus club for the price of €2,200,000. 

It has also been reported in the news that the couple have bought €30,000,000 in commercial real estate in Italy. 

According to the news reports, the real estate investment can get an annual profit of €2,800,000.