Things Not To Do If You Win The Lottery

Once your star takes a positive turn, and you suddenly hit the lucky jackpot of the Italian Superenalotto game, what are the things you would do? But not everyone is prepared to handle it if and when they really become the winners. Though there are many things, you might wish to do, it is better to know the top things you ought not to do after you win the lottery. 

1. Lose mind: Yes, it is not every day you get so lucky, but it is very common to find people just to lose their mind after winning the lottery. So, keep calm at this time. 

2. Lose the ticket: A very common thing for people to do is to lose the ticket after checking the result. In their celebration, they might end up losing the ticket that would have given them the jackpot. 

3. Lose the rights to jackpot: Many times, people might simply hand over the ticket to someone they know. But if that person chooses to cheat on you and go and claim the jackpot, then nothing can be done. 

4. Buying without a thought: It is normal for jackpot winners to somehow do the most outrageous things ever. So, when you have bills and EMI’s going on waiting for repayment. Hence, do not waste it. 

5. Making wrong purchases: Surely, it is everyone’s dream to live the life of Kanye West or the Hiltons way, but they have a business running on and they can live life off it. Think before you splurge. 

6. Fulfilling every wish of your family: Certainly, it is a good thing that you care for your family and would want to do something for them too. However, if you want them to be happy, just tell them to hold on and go ahead with you till you get things settled. 

7. Say good-bye to budget: Who needs to budget when you have millions of dollars from the USA Powerball jackpot in the account? But yes, you would surely need to keep track of all of that. 

8. Buying things out of envy: Celebrities and those who have earned their way up, have often succumbed to this, and it is painful. They might just get carried away because a fellow rich man has it. 

9. Laws are for everyone: Unlike what we see in the movies, the rich too have to go by the laws, and they are not above law. 

10. Know the state laws: If the state lottery is actual or not also something, that you must find out without any further delay. 

11. Give it all away: Many people in their inability to handle this kind of luck might even give away everything in charity and end up broke. Be careful!

12. Still, have liabilities and debts: If you have won the jackpot, and have a big house and cars, but still have the student loans due, then you are not using the money right.